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legacy planning,the US life insurance broker and agent Heather Xiong CFP®️
legacy planning,the US life insurance broker and agent Heather Xiong CFP®️
legacy planning,the US life insurance broker and agent Heather Xiong CFP®️
the US life insurance broker and agent Heather Xiong CFP®️
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The Certified Advisor


美国人寿保险经纪人:Heather - Life Insurance Agent:Heather Xiong

Certified Professional

With an Internationally recognized designation, I specialize in life insurance protection, investments, and financing.

美国人寿保险经纪:熊畅 - Life Insurance Agent:Heather Xiong

Asset Manager

life insurance is a fixed-income grade product in your family's asset portfolio. We work together to keep it growing.

美国人寿保险经纪人:Heather - Life Insurance Agent:Heather Xiong

Longterm Relationship

Life insurance is a long term investment. It also establishes a long term relationship between us.Persistence,Integrity Matters

Heather - Life Insurance Agent:Heather XiongHeather helped me analyze and compare products between different companies and She carefully explained the pros and cons of each policy and make sure I fully understand how it fits my need. She is professional and honest. Thanks for helping.Life Insurance Agent:Heather Xiong

美国人寿保险经纪人:Heather Xiong - Life Insurance Agent:Heather Xiong
Jimmy Wang
Product Management Director, San Francisco

How Life Insurance

Powers your retirement and legacy?

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Cash value life insurance may be considered an important asset in your portfolio because of its ability to build cash value or be converted into cash.

The life insurance account can protect your principal against losses in the market. Life insurance policies are widely invested by wealthy families as a tax-free retirement vehicle and wealth accumulation instrument.

Testimonial-the US Life Insurance broker agent:Heather XiongI was looking for retirement saving plans besides my 401k. I spent lots of time searching and learning online and I was relieved to find Heather. She is super knowledgeable in life insurance and nice.It is a great experience to work with heather and have my policy account set up.I recommend her.Testimonial-the US Life Insurance broker agent:Heather Xiong

Testimonial-the US Life Insurance broker agent:Heather Xiong
Abby Wu
Biopharma Company,Pasadena

About Me

How I Become a Life Insurance Advisor

Try to help my mom

As a 1.5 generation Asian American immigrant, family is an essential component in every decision I make. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I came back to Los Angeles to stay close to my mom. She was shopping around for life insurance protection and life insurance investments at the time and introduced me to the industry to help her to manager the policies. I am an introvert and never had any "sales" job experiences before, even my mom did not think I will find a career path in this industry.

Share and empower the community

6 years later I am a Certified Financial Planner™️ professional specializing in life insurance industry and I co-founded an independent agency specializing in life insurance products, planning, financing, and derivatives. We established the leading education portal to support families to learn about insurance policies and portfolios. I started to share my own experiences on how to plan and properly invest in life insurance in 2017. We believe protecting your family is important, financial education can be empowering, and life insurance professionals don't have to be aggressive and pushy :)

Let's talk about you and your plan

Heather Xiong CFP®️ (CA Lic#0L92496), Certified financial planner, Certified global high net worth client life insurance planner, life insurance columnist and advisor, Co Founder of thelifetank.com and HummingLife, and a hotpot lover.

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